Islam, International Socialism and Nationalism

In his column ‘Tet, take two: Islam’s 2016 European offensive‘ (Dutch translation here) the author Matthew Bracken writes about three groups: (1) Islam (2) International Socialism and (3) Nationalism. According to Bracken, both Islam and International Socialism want world hegemony and form currently together a coalition against the Nationalists.

On Twitter I refer when appropriate to these groups. Why? Because I think much of what is currently going on (multi-culti, immigration, refugees, Islamization, EU, globalization, NWO, etc.) can be related to (the objectives of) these groups.
In order not to bother my followers and other readers every time with the whole (rather long) story, I decided to include the groups separately in this document. If you still have interest in the whole story, you can find it via the aforementioned links.

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