Gotcha! Juncker’s secret plans to dictate to EU nations revealed

AN EU Commission stealth plan to dictate to member Governments how they should run their countries has been unearthed by

And, as predicted by the campaign, it appears to be a thinly-veiled attempt by Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to create a homogenised EU super-state.

In March, the Commission released a “preliminary outline” of the plan, proposing initiatives that include the introduction of eurozone rules on the minimum wage, new rights on “quality education and training” and measures to ensure gender quality and protection from discrimination.

The proposals would also effectively make judges in all EU nation states subservient to a court in Strasbourg.

UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge said “no wonder they were desperate to keep this away from the British public; it’s a nail in the coffin for sovereign member states!

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