Video: Noorse staatstelevisie bespot de organisatie “Refugees Welcome” als blindelings “tolerant”

In a comedy animation called “Maybe a little too much tolerance?” (Kan Det Bli For Mye Toleranse?) Norwegian state television has ridiculed unconditional acceptance of migrant behavior and tolerating the intolerant. A stereotypical liberal man takes a blonde woman on a date and “celebrates diversity” while she is harassed and kidnapped by three migrants. Even after he gets coffee spilled in his face, is punched and has his cell phone stolen he still considers himself morally superior for being “tolerant”. This video is most likely in response to liberal silence and denial following the migrant rape mobs in Cologne with over 500 victims, terrorist attacks in Paris and explosion of crime everywhere in Europe. Liberal insanity, white guilt, passivism and cowardice has lead Europe into accepting an invasion of young, able-bodied Muslim men under the disguise of helping so-called “refugees” – who are in fact nothing but illegal economic migrants intended to replace the indigenous population. While Norway still has some sanity left, in countries like Germany men between the age of 20-35 are expected to be a minority in their own country within 5 years if current trends continue – yet Leftists still clap at train stations when new shipments of diversity arrive.



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1 Comment on Video: Noorse staatstelevisie bespot de organisatie “Refugees Welcome” als blindelings “tolerant”

  1. Nou,toen ik dat stelletje vrouwen hier zag staan te zingen ging ik bijna over mijn nek, wat voor lied zullen ze met z’n allen gaan zingen als er een paar uit die kring worden aangerand of bestolen???


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