Klimaatkneuzen: Protest met ‘nepbloed’ gaat hilarisch verkeerd

In een protest tegen de vermeende steun van het Britse ministerie van Financiën voor fossiele brandstoffen probeert de linkse milieugroep Extinction Rebellion nepbloed op het gebouw te spuiten.



Wij hier bij FENIXX zijn tegen geweld. We streven naar een revolutie door de voorlichting van de massa. Wanneer de informatie beschikbaar is voor de mensen, zal systeemverandering onherroepelijk en onvermijdelijk zijn. Iedereen die geweld suggereert of promoot in de commentarensectie zal gecensureerd worden en bij herhaling permanent verbannen worden.


  1. Ik had gisteren al de gewaarwording dat er iets vreemds aan de hand was.

    Hurricane Lorenzo Aimed at Ireland? Weaponized Hurricane for Brexit? 10-04-2019

    Was Hurricane Lorenzo deliberately aimed at the UK? This video shows four weather oddities, that suggest the answer is “yes”. All four, taken together are extremely unlikely, and all were needed to aim the storm at Ireland. This is not a great video, but y’all wanted more frequent uploads, so this is the data on the Ireland “attack”.
    A few physics rules for the Ionospheric Heater Weather Weapon technology:
    1) microwaves can only heat the electrically conductive, lowest, layer of the ionosphere – the D-region, which only exists in the daytime.
    2) Ionospheric Heaters can only create high pressure (falling air), which is pushed down from the rapid expansion of the D-region.
    3) I have watched bizarre satellite images, where the US Navy tried to create low pressure, using Ionspheric Heaters, and the attempt was a failure. Low pressure cannot be created by Ionospheric Heaters.
    4) Every use of the ionospheric heaters blows a hole in the ozone layer, so in this video, deadly UV-B would have happened over Spain and France, for AT LEAST a day. This deadly UV kills insects, plants, plankton, trees, and causes skin cancer and blindness.
    5) The US Navy went to a lot of trouble AND RISK, to attack the UK with this weapon. They learn with every experiment, so next year, expect worse damage.
    6) Weather manipulation, which affects another country is a violation of the United Nations Environmental Modification (ENMOD) treaty, so the FBI/Interpol should arrest those responsible.
    7) Man made greenhouse gases are RAPIDLY heating the planet. There is now THREE Watts of extra heat, for every square yard of planet Earth. This is like trillions of 7 watt night lights hanging in the sky, all over planet Earth, day and night. Make no mistake, global warming is real, and accelerating exponentially.
    8) Geoengineering technologies are being used to HIDE the danger of accelerating global warming, until it is too late to save ourselves. The US Navy (and russian, and chinese, and british, and french, and….) are only making things worse.
    9) If mankind wants to survive, we MUST ban the use of this technology, completely, and immediately!
    10) Way to go Greta Thunberg! You are exactly right! Thank you!
    If you want to see more original research, like this video, please consider donating, so I can continue. Thanks!

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